About Us

We are David and Jennifer Heim, and we operate a conventional dairy farm in northeast Kansas. David has been working at his family dairy farm (this farm) his entire life, but joined the operation full time when he graduated from K-State with a degree in Animal Science in 2003. Jennifer, on the other hand, is a farmer’s grand-daughter from Illinois, which means she really enjoyed the farm, but wasn’t required to do much work. After graduating from the University of Illinois in 2008 with an MS in Civil Engineering, she took a job as a Structural Engineer in Kansas City.

We met late in 2008, started dating in spring of 2009 and were married June 19, 2010. The next big step in our lives came January 1, 2012 when we officially took over the dairy. David operates the dairy full-time with the help of his dad and part-time milkers, and Jennifer helps when she’s able (lunch hours, evenings, weekends, holidays). We also have a young Aussie named Hondo, an old Border Collie named Waylon, and too many cats to count, most of which are wild. We milk 85-100 Holstein cows and raise our heifer calves as replacements. We also raise corn, soybeans, hay, and other forages, mostly for feed. Over the next several years we plan to improve our cattle, facilities, and home and share our adventures here.

You can also keep up with us on twitter: @dairy_lvc and @jmheim33.

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. If I can grow the show along the way here in Wisconsin, I might one day like to include your story in an upcoming episode of, “American Barn Stories and Other Tales From the Heartlands”. Website is http://www.americanbarnstories.net Maybe we’ll talk someday, and good luck to you on it all — I really enjoy your blog, which I found through Dairy Carrie’s blog here in Wisconsin — keep on!

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