Christmas in the Country

Last month I participated in the Christmas in the Country gift exchange with other rural/farming bloggers from across the country. I was hesitant to take on another thing, but I am so glad I decided to particpate! I feel fortunate to have been paired (as a giver and receiver) with two women I hadn’t previously interacted with. Not only did I get a really cool gift, but I got to “meet” two new blogging friends!

I had no idea when I would be receiving a gift or who/where it was coming from. On December 22nd I received a package from Darcy Sexson in Oregon, and I loved it.  Darcy had read my blog and Facebook page and put a lot of thought into sending things I would like. Her gift included some items representing her home state of Oregon and her background with cattle – a small bottle of Pendleton Whiskey, a Genex beef calendar including several photos she had taken, and some Genex gloves. It also included some Holstein/dairy themed items to fit my interests – a mailbox flag, some Bonnie Mohr cards, and some hand soap (trust me, if you’ve been to a dairy, you know this is related). And then Darcy threw in several items that she described as some of her favorite things – lip balm, lip gloss, bracelets, a scarf, and butter fingernail polish (or is that one part of the dairy-related gifts, too?).

Christmas Gift
The items I recieved from Darcy – I had trouble fitting them all in a picture!

The lip balm and gloves have been getting daily use – little did Darcy know that I had been complaining about the lack of gloves, or rather the tendency of gloves to disappear if they are abandoned for even a moment, because everyone at the farm uses the same yellow gloves in the winter.  So far, so good – no one has “borrowed” my new Genex gloves yet, and having two pairs (one was supposed to be for David, sorry honey…) has proved handy because I always have a dry pair.

The lip gloss has found a permanent home in my purse, and I love Bonnie Mohr’s art – the cards are so pretty, I’m not sure I can use them! I think I’ll be finding a way to display these instead. Then there is the mailbox flag. Another thing I’m sure Darcy didn’t know is that our current mailbox has seen better days. Our stock trailer and bale trailer and milk hauler have all made contact a few times in the past several months, so we’ve got a new mailbox sitting in our garage just waiting for us to remember to buy a post for it when we’re in town and get it installed, a little further back from the road this time, to try to avoid a repeat of any of the aforementioned contact. The new mailbox is boring, though – but no more! This flag is just what it needed.

Thank you so much to Darcy for the thoughtful gifts. You can check out her blog and website at

Also, I sent a gift to Kaitlyn O’Neal in the Texas Panhandle – you can find her blog at I hope she enjoyed the items I sent as much as I am enjoying the gift from Darcy.

And of course, I owe a big thank you to the women behind the scenes, the hosts of the Christmas in the Country Gift Exchange:

Jamie – This Uncharted Rhoade

Laurie –  Country LINKed

Robyn – The Ranch Wife Chronicles

Erin – Diaries From the Dirt Road

Christmas in the Country

7 thoughts on “Christmas in the Country

  1. What a great gift! I looks like she really figured you out! I love that she included some of her favorite things as well, what a neat idea. Thanks for participating and sharing!

  2. Oh, I really like the dairy cow greeting cards. Pretty! I love the variety of items Darcy sent you; how fun.

    Thank You for participating in this year’s gift exchange.

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