2013 Year in Review

It’s December 31st, and I figured I would take an opportunity to reflect on 2013.

Heim Dairy Farm Summary

For the farm, 2013 was a challenge to say the least.

Winter was full of work and worry (read: Winter Workload and Survival Mode). Spring started off with snow and was full of planting preparations (read: Snow Day! and Workin’ It). We got our crops in late as temperatures stayed low, and summer gave us another drought scare before some much-needed August moisture (read: A Tale of Three Corn Fields). Fall was full of babies and fresh cows in the midst of a multi-phase harvest (read: First Phase of Harvest Complete! and Harvest 2013 Update).

We were very thankful for a better growing season, more moisture, and milder summer temperatures in 2013, but with lacking feed resources resulting from the 2012 drought, the year was full of challenges. To make a long story short, we’re not all that sad to see 2013 behind us.

HeimDairy Blog Summary

In 2013, the blog recorded views from 68 countries, and the 2013 total view count was more than double that of 2012. This is still a small-time blog by most standards, but it continues to amaze me that anyone at all cares to read our story. Thank you to each and every one of you.

Top Posts (per WordPress.com, based on total views):

1. DairyMoBall: Vote For Mo!
We had a mustache contest that garnered quite a bit of attention, hopefully also raising awareness for men’s health in addition to rewarding the James’ for Jason’s “Tom Selleck” mustache.
2. Prayers For South Dakota
I expressed my thoughts about the toll that Blizzard Atlas took on many South Dakota ranches, a story that oddly got very little national media attention.
3. Milk: Keeping It Clean
This post highlighted the simple steps we take every day to ensure that our milk stays clean and safe during its short stay on our farm. Based on the response, this information isn’t as mundane to everyone as it is to us.
4. Heifers Having Heifers
Everybody loves fresh heifers and baby heifer calves – this one was a no-brainer.
5. It’s a Heifer! And a Bull?
In this post I explained the common reproductive consequences of mixed twins.

Honorable mention: What’s in a Name?
This was our “most commented” post of 2013. In it I attempted to answer one of the most common and basic questions that we are asked, while also answering the underlying, unspoken question that the inquirer might actually have.

Beyond the Blog

In 2013 we added a Facebook page that now has 280 likes, and our blog was featured in Progressive Dairyman and Dairy Business magazines. I also had the opportunity to write for Progressive Dairyman Magazine’s HERd Management column in August and again for their January 1st issue.

Thanks for following along! Happy New Year!!

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