DairyMoBall: Meet The Contenders

David and his fantasy football league members are doing a Movember Moustache Contest.  We explained the rules and the incentive yesterday, but we had a few photos come in late, so introductions were delayed until today. The stragglers definitely made up for it with extra effort, though.

Without further ado, here are your contenders:

David Heim is representing our own Heim Dairy Farm, milking about 100 Holsteins in NE Kansas. You can follow him on twitter @HeimDairy.
Scott Daniel is the self-proclaimed baby-face of the competition, representing Greystone Farm in West Virginia. Follow him on twitter @greystonefarm.


Brian Lantzky represents HEI-BRI Jerseys from Hawkeye, Iowa. You can follow him on twitter @heibri.
Mitch Breunig is owner/operator of Mystic Valley Dairy in Sauk City, Wisconsin. Follow him on twitter @mysticvalley.
John Lundgren represents Lundgren Farms in south central Wisconsin where they milk 460 crossbred cows. Follow him on twitter @jonlundgren.
Eric Danzeisen is one half the ownership of Sierra Desert Breeders, an AI company located in California. Follow Eric on twitter @funwithbulls.
Jason James milks 150 registered Holsteins, Jerseys and Milking Shorthorns in SW Wisconsin. Follow Jason on twitter @PineValleyGenes.
Trent Bown is a dairy producer in Utah. You can follow Trent on twitter @TrentBown and check out his website usfarmguys.com
Josh Verburg is an AI rep in Southern California, Arizone, New Mexico and Texas. Follow him on twitter @jverbovineaz
Kevin Danzeisen is a dairy producer in Arizona. You can follow him on twitter @danzmilk.


The rules are simple. The competition will be fierce.  The winner will eat BBQ.

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