Survival Mode

Two weeks ago I wrote that I wanted to start blogging consistently. It wasn’t really a resolution, just something I’d been trying to do for a while. What better time to start than in the new year?

One of my favorite sayings (mostly because its so true) is “If you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans.”

David’s dad, Jerry, is a pretty integral part of our farm. He claims to be retired, but unless his wife drags him out of town or he finds and auction to attend, he still shows up 7 days a week. Last Monday morning he went to the hospital for a simple procedure to break up some minor blockage in his heart and maybe get one stint put in.

In all honesty, we weren’t very worried. He was having it done at a great hospital where that sort of thing is completely routine. It was going to take under an hour, and they really weren’t expecting him to have to stay the night. That morning, though, they went in to check things out and found significantly more blockage than they expected. The doctors all strongly recommended bypass surgery.

Jerry went into surgery first thing last Tuesday morning. The surgeon put in 5 bypasses, but they said his heart is in excellent shape, and there is no damage to the muscle. He came home yesterday and is doing great.

When things like this happen, just like other people we go into survival mode. It was a tough week taking care of everything that had to be done while also making extra time for visits to the hospital an hour from the farm. The cows still had to be milked and fed twice a day every day.

I went to work, and David took care of things at the dairy. We tried to spend all of our extra time helping his parents in any small way we could. We have some cows to sell and a continuous list of to-dos. Those things could wait, though, and so could the blog.

Thank you to everyone who offered their support. I know Dave misses having his dad around every day, but once he’s recovered, Jerry is going to feel better than he did before the surgery. Until then, we’ll keep getting by. Now that the stress and worry is gone, and he is nearby for visits, things should go a lot more smoothly.

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