Family Favorite Recipe

Broccoli Slaw Salad is a family favorite and my go-to recipe for any “bring a dish to share” event. The original recipe is called Nutty Broccoli Salad (I never recall calling it anything but Broccoli Slaw Salad, though) My mom clipped this out of a magazine for an extra holiday side dish. I wasn’t too excited about it on paper, but she made it for Thanksgiving dinner anyway. I tried a little, and ended up going back for seconds and thirds.  I love this recipe because it’s pretty quick and easy, and it fits in at holidays, summer cook-outs and Tuesday night dinners. 

Here’s the recipe as written in the clipping:

Nutty Broccoli Salad

1 pkg broccoli slaw
1 bunch green onions, chopped
2 pkgs Ramen noodles, broken
1/2 cup butter
1 oz sesame seeds
1 cup slivered almonds


1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup white vinegar
1/3 cup oil
1 Tbsp soy sauce

Saute noodles, butter, sesame seeds and almonds until light brown. Boil dressing ingredients for 1 minute. Cool. Mix all together just before serving.

Each component before assembly.

Suggestions and Substitutions:

I often substitute sliced almonds for slivered, or sometimes I use both. I also usually cut out a tablespoon or two of butter, but I always use real butter.  I also often use a bunch and a half of green onions.  Finally, instead of using soy sauce, I usually use a packet of seasoning from Oriental flavor ramen noodles.  It’s good either way, but I don’t know what else to do with the ramen seasoning; it seems wasteful not to use it.

Last, a word of advice: really watch the ingredients you’re browning because they can burn quickly and easily.  I like to do too many things at once and make this mistake often.


The finished product – YUM!

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